UKPMS Comparability Testing
Accredited UKPMS Systems
The 3 Tranches of UKPMS Functionality
· Tranche 1
· Tranche 2
· Tranche 3
Rules and Rule Sets
Feature Hierarchy
Best Value Performance Indicators
UKPMS Condition Surveys
· Coarse Visual Inspection
· Detailed Visual Inspection
· SCANNER Surveys
· Deflectograph
· Machine-Measured Rutting
UKPMS Location Referencing
· Section Referencing
· Chainage and Feature Referencing
· Cross Section Position Referencing
UKPMS Inventory

Accredited UKPMS Systems

There are currently five suppliers of UKPMS-accredited Pavement Management Systems:

This innovative project has harnessed private sector investment in systems to the benefit of local authorities, with the result that 'standard' systems which have voluntarily met UKPMS requirements are now available nationally.

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