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Comparability Testing

UKPMS is not a single system, but is a specification for those parts of a pavement management system where national consistency and comparability is required. Suppliers of Highway Management Systems are encouraged to incorporate those key aspects of UKPMS within their systems, and a central testing programme to ensures comparability with (and in key algorithmic respects, conformity to) the UKPMS design.

The aims of UKPMS Comparability Testing are;

  • To encourage and obtain the addition of UKPMS functionality to existing highway management systems, in line with sponsors' requirements for the prioritisation of structural maintenance works on locally funded highways and on principal roads.
  • To achieve a logical and manageable sequence of phased development and release by approved suppliers.
  • To ensure national consistency of systems and data through the application of comparability tests leading to the award of a 'UKPMS Stamp of Approval' to successful systems.

Ongoing comparability will be ensured by the Annual “Health Check” tests, and there are plans to extend testing to cover software used to carry out UKPMS Visual Inspections using hand held computers.

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