UKPMS Comparability Testing
Accredited UKPMS Systems
The 3 Tranches of UKPMS Functionality
· Tranche 1
· Tranche 2
· Tranche 3
Rules and Rule Sets
Feature Hierarchy
Best Value Performance Indicators
UKPMS Condition Surveys
· Coarse Visual Inspection
· Detailed Visual Inspection
· SCANNER Surveys
· Deflectograph
· Machine-Measured Rutting
UKPMS Location Referencing
· Section Referencing
· Chainage and Feature Referencing
· Cross Section Position Referencing
UKPMS Inventory

HMDIF (Highways Maintenance Data Interchange Format)

UKPMS makes use of a standard file format for the exchange of Highways-related data, known as HMDIF. HMDIF formats have been defined for the following types of data within UKPMS:

  • Network Referencing
  • Item Inventory
  • Condition Data (DVI, CVI, Deflectograph, SCRIM, SCANNER, Rutting)
  • Works Records and Pavement Samples

Technical Note 3 gives detailed definitions for, and examples of, UKPMS HMDIF’s.

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