UKPMS Comparability Testing
Accredited UKPMS Systems
The 3 Tranches of UKPMS Functionality
· Tranche 1
· Tranche 2
· Tranche 3
Rules and Rule Sets
Feature Hierarchy
Best Value Performance Indicators
UKPMS Condition Surveys
· Coarse Visual Inspection
· Detailed Visual Inspection
· SCANNER Surveys
· Deflectograph
· Machine-Measured Rutting
UKPMS Location Referencing
· Section Referencing
· Chainage and Feature Referencing
· Cross Section Position Referencing
UKPMS Inventory


The UK Pavement Management System (UKPMS) is the national standard for management systems for the assessment of local road network conditions and for the planning of investment and maintenance on paved areas of roads, kerbs, footways and cycle-tracks on local roads within the UK.

It is endorsed and promoted by the Roads Board and its use is required by the Government for the production of Best Value Performance Indicators on Local Roads. It is also recommended best practice for Local Road maintenance in the 2001 Code of Good Practice for Maintenance Management.

The UKPMS Logical Design comprises a wide range of highway maintenance management functionality, including the following:

  • Location and referencing of highways, including footways and cycle-tracks
  • Recording of an inventory of maintainable assets within the highway
  • Recording of condition data collected from various visual and machine surveys
  • Projection of future condition based on historic deterioration, and on engineering models of deterioration for given designs, constructions types and pavement life profiles
  • Selection of options and requirements for remedial works
  • Costing of potential works
  • Management of budgets
  • Analysis of budgetary and maintenance needs for highway networks
  • Prioritisation of potential works on a condition basis
  • Prioritisation of potential schemes of work using econometric principles

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