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Rules and Rule sets

Central to configuring UKPMS is the "Rule Set", a self-consistent set of rules, parameters and data, which allow users to apply either national standard or locally derived rules in the processing of their data.

UKPMS is designed to allow multiple Rule Sets to be used so that, for example, as well as the national standard rule set (currently RP5.01) a user may also maintain a local rule set incorporating local standards and maintenance practice.

The UKPMS Rules and Parameters Group, a panel of technical representatives from local highway authorities, derived the first release of the national Rule Set (currently RP5.01) which allows UKPMS-Comparable Systems to carry out processing using standard default rules. It is this rule set that must be used for the production of the UKPMS-based Best Value Performance Indicators

The current rule set includes:

  • Standard Defects and associated parameters for Coarse and Detailed Visual Inspections and for Machine Surveys
  • Valid options for road and footway hierarchies
  • Rules for rating, deriving condition indices, selecting treatments and for condition ranking those treatments.

The two figures below illustrate the use that is made of the various Rules and Parameters within the steps comprising a UKPMS Automatic Pass:

1. For Tranche 2
2. For Tranche 3 (i.e. with Condition Projection over multiple years for both Economic Prioritisation and Network Trends purposes)

Tranche 2 Automatic Pass – Role of Rules and Parameters

Tranche 3 Automatic Pass – Role of Rules and Parameters

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