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The 3 Tranches of UKPMS Functionality
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· Tranche 2
· Tranche 3
Rules and Rule Sets
Feature Hierarchy
Best Value Performance Indicators
UKPMS Condition Surveys
· Coarse Visual Inspection
· Detailed Visual Inspection
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UKPMS Location Referencing
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· Chainage and Feature Referencing
· Cross Section Position Referencing
UKPMS Inventory

The Three Tranches of UKPMS Functionality

Testing of UKPMS systems is organised in three “Tranches” of functionality, although accreditation is only gained when tests for all three trances have been passed.

Figure 1.

Tranche 1
This is the first step required to set up a 'UKPMS' database. It includes all the necessary input and validation routines for the following data;

  • Road Network Referencing (classification, sectionalisation etc.)
  • Highway Inventory (all key dimensions and features)
  • Visual Condition (using the newly-defined 'Coarse' Visual Inspection (CVI) and 'Detailed' Visual Inspection (DVI))
  • Machine Condition Surveys (SCRIM, Deflectograph, Machine Measured Rutting and SCANNER Surveys)

Tranche 2
This stage in UKPMS introduces the functionality to analyse the recorded defects and produce treatment recommendations, according to the 'rules' stored in the system. This process is known as the 'Automatic Pass'. It is a complex set of functions, which draws upon the recorded construction and level of defectiveness of carriageways, footways, verges and cycles tracks to produce variable-length treatments according to need, and costs the work required. A priority for these lengths requiring treatment is assigned according to the simple 'worst condition first' basis. The rules applied can be taken from a default (national) set, or locally determined.

UKPMS Condition Indices are used for Best Value Performance Indicator reporting.

Works Records can at this stage be added to the core UKPMS database.

Tranche 3
In this, the third and final stage of building a UKPMS system, additional important functions are added to the Tranche 2 Automatic Pass;

  • Condition Projection (a flexible set of deterioration curves are applied according to the type of pavement, hierarchy etc. and these then self-adjust for each particular road section over time as more surveys are carried out)
  • Economic Prioritisation (an alternative to the 'worst condition first' principle, in which priorities for maintenance are assigned on the basis of best value for money)
    In addition, Tranche 3 adds the following functionality;
  • Projection and Monitoring of historic and future Network Condition Trends
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