UKPMS, after some 10 years in design and development, has now come of age! UKPMS is now a key tool in the production of Best Value Performance Indicators and is identified as key to the future direction of NRMCS. With five systems to be fully accredited to the Tranche 3 standard now available, and with the continued backing of DfT, the Owners Forum gives an independent voice to users and developers of UKPMS and to UKPMS data providors and consumers.

The Forum is a way of ensuring that:

  • Members can influence the future direction of UKPMS
  • Members have access to additional functionality on the UKPMS web site
  • Members can participate in Owners Forum events
  • Members are kept informed of UKPMS events and developments

Membership of the Forum is open to all, and may be taken up by payment of a small annually renewable fee (£220 +VAT). Members will undoubtedly have a strong influence on the future direction of Pavement Management in this country in the years ahead.









Produced by Chris Britton Consultancy Ltd on behalf of the UKPMS Owners Forum