The Machine Survey Pre-processor (MSP)

The Machine Survey Pre-processor (MSP) is a software application developed by the Highways Agency to pre-process machine survey data before loading into the Highways Agency’s Pavement Management System (HAPMS). From version 7.0, the functionality of the MSP has been extended to include the pre-processing of SCANNER data collected on local roads.

The MSP carries out the necessary pre-processing of raw SCANNER data (RCD) to produce the SCANNER HMDIF file for loading into UKPMS. The MSP:

  • Reads and validates the format and consistency of the SCANNER RCD
  • Validates the measured values;
  • Carries out corrections to and/or analysis of the measured values;
  • Calculates the parameters that are derived from the measured values (e.g. SMTD);
  • Calculates the elapsed chainages of section start points for which the location has been provided in the route file as National Grid Co-ordinates;
  • Enables the Survey Contractor to fit the survey to the route defined in the route file; and
  • Outputs the measured values, the parameters that are derived from the measured values (as appropriate), and the fitting information as a SCANNER HMDIF file.

Survey Contractors are permitted to use their own facilities to provide the same functionality as the MSP and therefore the decision has been taken, with the agreement of the Highways Agency, to make the MSP source code available to download, subject to certain legal terms and conditions.

DOWNLOAD Machine Survey Pre-Processor Software


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