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SCANNER Road Condition Indicator

The ORIGINAL Weighting Sets are used to calculate BV223 and BV224a in:

  • 2006 using survey data collected during 2004/05 and 2005/06
  • 2007 using survey data collected during 2005/06 and 2006/07

The REVISED Weighting Sets are used to calculate BV223 and BV224a in:

  • 2008 using survey data collected during 2006/07 and 2007/08

To aid comparison between the Weighting Sets, the Original Weighting Sets can be used to calculate informal results using current data and the Revised Weighting Sets can be used to calculate informal results using older data.

Note that it is assumed that authorities have set up their Rural/Urban flag based on speed limit, with urban being used for all roads with a speed limit of 40mph or less. If you have used a different basis for your Rural/Urban definitions then please contact the UKPMS Support Contractor for guidance.

Description of SCANNER Road Condition Indicator (RCI) 078v0102.pdf
Document, aimed at users, that describes the SCANNER-based Road Condition Indicator.  

Notes for WS224av0102 107v0101.pdf
Document, aimed at users, to explain the difference between WS224av0101 and WS224av0102  

ORIGINAL BV223 Weighting Set WS223v0101.zip
Principal road network  

ORIGINAL BV224a Weighting Set WS224av0102.zip
Non-principal classified network  

ORIGINAL General Purpose Weighting Set WSAllClassesv0102.zip
For all road classes  

REVISED BV223 Weighting Set WS223v0202.zip
Principal road network  

REVISED BV224a Weighting Set WS224av0202.zip
Non-principal classified network  

REVISED General Purpose Weighting Set WSAllClassesv0202.zip
For all road classes  

SCANNER Edge CI Weighting Set WSEdgev0101.zip
For the SCANNER Edge CI  

Weighting Set & Rule Set Link WSRPlinkv0106.zip
A link between Rule Sets and the RCI Weighting Sets  









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