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UKPMS Health Check 2006

The UKPMS Support Contractor has developed an Annual Health Check of accredited UKPMS systems. The Health Check is intended to provide ongoing routine assurance that UKPMS systems continue to meet UKPMS requirements including the current rule set and BVPI definitions.

The Annual Health Check is only carried out on fully accredited UKPMS systems and supplements rather than replaces the UKPMS Comparability Tests. Passing the Comparability Tests continues to be a requirement for any new systems that wish to become UKPMS Accredited.

2006 Annual Health Check Results

The following systems have successfully completed the 2006 Annual Health Check:

Yotta DCL MARCHpms v3.03 (17 Oct 06)

Symology Ltd Insight v2.3 (22 Nov 06)

WDM Ltd WDM PMS v4 (27 Nov 06)

MapInfo Confirm v6.00g.AM (13 Dec 06)

Exor Corporation Ltd Highways by Exor v2225 (13 Mar 07)

Notes on WDM system: (1) Data which extends beyond the end of the section is loaded. However, only the data within the section length is processed and reported. (2) If a file contains overlapping data the WDM system only rejects the overlapping records rather than the whole file. (3) The WDM system only allows the DfT Class or FW hierarchy to be selected when the report is run, rather than when the Automatic Pass is run.

Notes on MapInfo system: (1) The Owner field is mandatory for inventory data. (2) If a section has been surveyed but no observations are recorded then Confirm provides a warning. Users should then use the batch facility provided to generate 'Not Defective' observations for the features and XSPs required, in order to ensure that the surveyed length is calculated correctly for BV224b. (3) Confirm will reject duplicate data if the survey number is the same, but may load such data if the survey numbers differ. Care should be taken when loading multiple batches of survey data for the same section/feature/XSP collected on the same date. (4) Confirm does not provide a Road Condition Indicator drill-down report although this information is available in the log file. (5) The Confirm BVPI reports give the date range of the surveys actually included in the report rather than the date range specified by the user.

Notes on Exor system: (1) Overlapping survey data is not rejected but a report is provided to find out if any data is overlapping.

If you require any further information about the Annual Health Check or about the accreditation status of any UKPMS system then please contact the UKPMS Support Contractor.

Principles & Objectives 095v0103.pdf
UKPMS Annual Health Check 2006 - Principles & Objectives version 1.03  









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