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Review of UKPMS Core Functionality

Local highway authorities require pavement information and decisions systems to support the management of their transport infrastructure assets in the delivery of their transport objectives. The purpose of this study was to produce a core specification to replace the existing UKPMS specification as the minimum functionality that all PMS should embody in future to meet the evolving needs of local highway authorities and national governments in the UK for local roads.
Local authorities need confidence that the systems they use for asset management store, analyse and report on the data consistently and accurately to ensure that asset management decisions and financial information reports are correct. They need a nationally consistent approach to pavement asset management systems wherever the results have to be compared between authorities, or combined across a wider area. Also wherever authorities are required to justify their recommendations, decisions or actions so that they can demonstrate they have applied professional judgement in the context of nationally agreed guidelines or approaches, adapted to local needs, rather than in an arbitrary or idiosyncratic way.
This report determines the priorities and produces a rationale for the commonality of PMS functions across local authorities and systems, taking account of the increasing importance of an asset management approach. It sets out the proposed core functional specification and maps its implementation to an indicative timetable and budget, taking account of where the costs are likely to fall and the ability of the market to deliver. It identifies where there are gaps or techniques that would benefit from further research.
The presentations and notes provided through the workshops conducted whilst this review was ongoing are available below the report.

0 - Project Overview, Findings and Conclusions UKPMS Functional Review presentation - Project Overview Findings Conclusions V2 2009-07-08.pdf

A presentation describing the UKPMS Functional Review project and the resulting findings and conclusions.

Presented by Barry Cleave at a few meetings from 9th July 2009 onwards.

1 - Welcome to Workshop UKPMS_RCF_1_Welcome_to_workshop_2009-02-17.PDF

Presentation outlining the purpose of "Workshop 1".

Presented by Barry Cleave on 17th February 2009.

2 - Review of UKPMS Core Functionality: the Project UKPMS_RCF_2_the_project_2009-02-17.PDF

Presentation outlining the UKPMS core functionality project.

Presented by Ro Cartwright on 17th February 2009.

3 - Business Needs for a PMS UKPMS_RCF_3_the_business_needs_2009-02-17.PDF

Presentation explaining the business needs, from the majority of stakeholder perspectives, for a Pavement Management System.

Presented by Andrew Gallagher on 17th February 2009.

4 - What Should a Good PMS Offer? UKPMS_RCF_4_what_a_good_PMS_offers_2009-02-17.PDF

Presentation summarising what a good Pavement Management System is for and what it should offer.

Presented by Ro Cartwright on 17th February 2009.

5 - What Should be in the Core Specification? UKPMS_RCF_5_the_core_specification_2009-02-17.PDF

Presentation discussing condition data, inventory and analysis programs in relation to the UKPMS core specification.

Presented by Andrew Gallagher on 17th February 2009.

6 Draft Final Functional Review Report 09-07-05 Review of UKPMS core specification v2f_with draft watermark.pdf

Draft version of final report on the Review of UKPMS core functionality for comment .










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