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Roads Board Advisory Group

The Roads Board Advisory Group is chaired by Mike Bordiss and has representatives for both public and private sectors from across the UK.

If you would like to inquire about becoming a corresponding member, please submit your details through the contact us page, adding "RBAG corresponding member" in the Comments box.

Below are the presentations and notes from the meetings so far and a list of members.

Membership list RBAG membership Sept 2009.pdf

List of attending and corresponding members of RBAG

As of September 2009

01 RBAG Welcome 01 2009-03-17 Barry Cleave RBAG welcome and introductions.PDF

Introductory presentation for the RBAG inception meeting.

Presented by Barry Cleave on 17th March 2009.

02 UK Roads Board Objectives 02 2009-03-17 Chris Capps Roads Board vision and objectives.PDF

Presentation on the UK Roads Board strategic vision and objectives.

Presented by Chris Capps on 17th March 2009.

03 Asset Management Plan Programme 03 2009-03-17 Paul Boss AMG objectives and programme.PDF

Presentation on the expected activities over the next 3 years for CSS/TAG.

Presented by Paul Boss (in place of Lester Willmington) on 17th March 2009.

04 FCMG Activities 04 2009-03-17 Kevin Fuller FCMG objectives and programme.PDF

Presentation on the recent activities of the Footways and Cycle tracks Management Group as well as a new condition survey.

Presented by Kevin Fuller on 17th March 2009.

05 PCMG Progress and Objectives 05 2009-03-17 Chris Capps PCMG objectives and programme.PDF

Presentation summarising the progress of the Pavement Condition Management Group since starting up late last year.

Presented by Chris Capps on 17th March 2009.

06 PCIS Support 06 2009-03-17 Barry Cleave PCIS support contract.PDF

Presentation summarising the Pavement Condition Information Systems contracted support and development.

Presented by Barry Cleave on 17th March 2009.

07 UKPMS Core Functionality Review 07 2009-03-17 Ro Cartwright UKPMS RCF.PDF

Presentation summarising how the core functionality of UKPMS is being reviewed.

Presented by Ro Cartwright on 17th March 2009.

08 Discussion Notes 09-05-06 RBAG inception meeting notes.pdf

Notes of the discussions held following presentations during the RBAG Inception Meeting.

17th March 2009.

09 RBAG Agenda July 2009 2009-07-09 PCIS RBAG meeting2 agenda Layla Baldachin.pdf

Agenda set for the RBAG meeting on 9th July 2009.

Prepared by Layla Baldachin July 2009.

10 PCIS update 2009-07-09 PCIS RBAG meeting PCIS update Barry Cleave.pdf

Presentation summarising the progress of the PCIS support contract.

Presented by Barry Cleave 9 July 2009.

11 UKPMS Core Functionality Review 2009-07-09 PCIS RBAG meeting UKPMS review Barry Cleave.pdf

Presentation summarising the conclusions and recommendations from the review concerning the core functionality of UKPMS.

Presented by Barry Cleave 9 July 2009.

12 HAMFIG/CIPFA update 2009-07-09 PCIS RBAG meeting CIPFA code and HAMFIG Pam Williams.pdf

Presentation summarising the progress of work done by HAMFIG and CIPFA.

Presented by Pam Williams 9 July 2009.

13 HAMFIG Model 2009-07-09 PCIS RBAG meeting Financial Info Ro Cartwright.pdf

Presentation summarising the model developed by HAMFIG.

Presented by Ro Cartwright 9 July 2009.

14 Quickstart Guidance 2009-07-09 PCIS RBAG meeting Quickstart Guidance Paul Boss.pdf

Presentation summarising the new Quickstart Guidance from the Asset Management Sub-Group.

Presented by Paul Boss 9 July 2009.

15 Road Condition Reporting - SCANNER 2009-07-09 PCIS RBAG meeting SCANNER West Midlands Phil Woodhouse.pdf

Presentation explaining a particular SCANNER concern highlighted by data collected in the West Midlands.

Presented by Phil Woodhouse 9 July 2009.

16 National Road Condition 2009-07-09 PCIS RBAG meeting National Reporting Alex Wright.pdf

Presentation explaining a new piece of work concerning a national reporting of road condition database.

Presented by Alex Wright 9 July 2009.

17 Regional Seminars 2009-07-09 PCIS RBAG meeting Regional Seminars Andrew Gallagher.pdf

Presentation explaining the plans for a series of regional seminars.

Presented by Andrew Gallagher 9 July 2009.









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