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UKPMS Annual Health Check 2009

The Pavement Conditions Information Systems Support Contract includes the role of completing an Annual Health Check of accredited UKPMS systems. The Health Check is intended to provide ongoing routine assurance that UKPMS systems continue to meet UKPMS requirements including the current rule set and national reporting.

The Annual Health Check is only carried out on fully accredited UKPMS systems and supplements rather than replaces the UKPMS Comparability Tests. Passing the Comparability Tests continues to be a requirement for any new systems that wish to become UKPMS accredited.

The Annual Health Check is performed on a specified version of each UKPMS system and so the accreditation only applies to that version.

Principles & Objectives 2009AHC_Req_v1_01.pdf
UKPMS Annual Health Check 2009 - Principles & Objectives v1.01  









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