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PCIS Regional Seminars 2009

The presentations used in the PCIS Regional Seminar Series (2009) were temporarily available to download below whilst a technical problem was resolved on the PCIS website. That issue has now been addressed and these documents are downloadable and fully searchable on the PCIS website library.

Asset management and black boxes PJennings_Tameside_Manchester2.pdf

Paul Jennings, Engineering Operations Manager, Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council.

Manchester Seminar, 11th September 2009

Making UKPMS Work For You PCIS_SSmith_Yotta_Newcastle.pdf

Stacy Smith, Professional Services Manager, Yotta DCL.

Newcastle Seminar, 10th September 2009

Practical uses of PCIS data JGreenfield_Harrow_LONDON.pdf

John Greenfield, Highways Manager, London Borough of Harrow.

London Seminar, 9th October 2009

Road Maintenance Condition: interpreting the data GHarrris_Derbyshire_LONDON.pdf

Graham Harris and Steve Redfern, Derbyshire County Council.

London Seminar, 9th October 2009

The future of PCIS Andrew_Gallagher_future_of_PCIS_LONDON_v02.pdf

Presented by various.

Every Regional Seminar

UKPMS in Gloucestershire STompkins_Gloucestershire_PCIS.pdf

Scott Tompkins, Asset Manager, Gloucestershire County Council.

Bristol Seminar, 24th September 2009

UKPMS: A brief history of its use in Birmingham and its potential for the future BWilcox_Birmingham_UKPMS.pdf

Barry Wilcox, Birmingham City Council.

Bristol Seminar, 24th September 2009

UKPMS: unlocking the potential PBurnham_Worcestershire_London.pdf

Peter Burnham, Worcestershire County Council.

London Seminar, 9th October 2009

UKPMS: using condition data 4_PCIS_SFinley_Rotherham_Manchester.pdf

Stephen Finley, Senior Engineer, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.

Manchester Seminar, 11th September 2009

Using PCIS to plan and prioritise maintenance programmes AStevenson_Cornwall_Newcastle.pdf

Andy Stevenson, Highway Asset Manager, Cornwall County Council.

Newcastle Seminar, 10th September 2009









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