This website is no longer being updated, you will automatically be forwarded to the home page for the Road Condition Management Group, within the UK Roads Liaison Group website:

TRL and Atkins have been awarded a contract by the Department for Transport to support Pavement Condition Information Systems, including UKPMS and SCANNER.

In order to achieve the most effective support and future development of Pavement Information Technology the previously separate UKPMS and SCANNER Support Contracts have been combined into a single contract let by DfT to TRL and Atkins. The contract supply chain includes the independent consultants who have previously been involved with UKPMS Support.

We are currently in the handover phase from the previous support consultants and aim to maintain the level of support and services formerly delivered under previous contracts.

There have been some initial technical difficulties in transferring the UKPMS website, we believe the majority of these have been resolved however, please let us know if you experience any difficulties.


If you require further information about UKPMS you can contact us at

If you require further information about SCANNER you can contact us at

Telephone Support
For telephone support you can contact the UKPMS and SCANNER Helpdesk on 01344 77 0480

UKPMS is the standard system for the assessment of the condition of the UK local road network and for planning investment and maintenance on paved carriageways, kerbs, footways and cycle-tracks within the UK. It is endorsed and promoted by the UK Roads Board and is recommended as best practice for local road maintenance in “Well Maintained Highways” the code of good practice for highway maintenance management. The use of a pavement management system accredited to the UKPMS specification is required to produce national performance indicators for local roads, and there are currently five commercial systems that have been accredited to the UKPMS specification.

SCANNER (Surface Condition Assessment for the National NEtwork of Roads) is a specification for automated road condition surveying that provides a range of road condition parameters including ride quality, rut depth, intensity of cracking, texture depth and edge condition. Measurements from SCANNER accredited machines are used (through UKPMS) to produce a national performance indicator (the SCANNER road condition indicator) for road carriageways, as well as for planning highway maintenance schemes and programmes. Currently three survey contractors have survey machines accredited to the SCANNER specification.

This website currently contains general information about UKPMS that is freely available to all, together with some additional resources, information and downloads that can only be accessed by members of the UKPMS Owners Forum.

In future the website will also include resources and information relevant to SCANNER.

The future makeup and benefits for Owners Forum members and whether this will include SCANNER as well as UKPMS, or whether separate forums are set up will be decided shortly in consultation with the UKPMS and SCANNER Project Steering Group.

There is also a separate Developer Support area, where suppliers of UKPMS Systems can access technical information.

We intend to redevelop and extend this website in future and would welcome comments and suggestions from those who want to use it in future.

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